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Makeup, Earrings, Zombies & Blue and Black Cut crease look..

So..  recently I've been inspired to work on more makeup looks. Not too long ago I decided to place an order at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/

I got a decent sized haul and have had a little more motivation to try out some new products and new looks. Also, what seems to be hitting me already is this Halloween magic in the air. Looks like I'll be working at the Haunted House at the mall again. A good friend of mine Antonio and myself will be in charge of special effects makeup for all of the actors.  

This Halloween season will be awesome and we

will get to try out some new looks and techniques

on the actors. So please stay tuned.. and check me

out often hope to keep you updated with a few

looks, maybe some tutorials who knows..  :)

Also, in the works is possibly putting together some Zombie bay area walks/crawls or mobs.. however you'd like to put it! So if you are in the area, would like to learn some awesome scary makeup tips and think it might be cool to stomp around the streets in a random zombie attack be sure to contact me or check out the newly created zombie walkers group on facebook Bay Area Zombie Walkers!

 If you like my earrings, ask me how you can get your own for CHEAP!



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