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CT scan, Needles and battle scars...

Interesting day it was for me this past Friday.  I recently changed insurance carriers so I'm starting that whole process of getting connected with my new Dr's and running a whole array of tests on me to see "where I am at" in regards to my health. You know.. for lots of folks going to the Dr. is a scary thing, even dreaded.  For me its a mixture of feeling like I'm doing some good for myself mixed with do I really want to know.

Well, the whole going to the Dr. move for me is just me making strides towards living a more healthy lifestyle.  For those of you who may not know I got some things going on health wise that I need to really be proactive about before they really catch up to me..  a few things I'm afflicted with is type II diabetes,  Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and high blood pressure (though my new doc is taking me off the blood pressure meds to see how I do).  Damn.. sounds like I eat cheese burgers all day and don't do a dang gone thing.  Well... thats not really the case but I'm not living how I need to be living.  Its hard..  especially when you live by yourself and its much easier to go out to eat or buy something pre-made, quick and for 1 person to pop in the microwave.  Then if you add the stress that has been ever so present in my life.. it only amplifies all the negative health problems I'm having.

Well starting this past summer I decided to do a little something about it.. I had started to get reconnected with a Dr and taking diabetic meds again.  I also took a swimming class that was 4 days a week, which I loved.  The fitness part of it really helps with the stress and If I had more folks to be active with that would appreciate the level of fitness that I'm at and that I can't quite yet run a marathon or swim 25 laps in a row just yet.. it would be much more easy for me to get into a regular fitness routine.  So yeah.. I started the meds, started the physical activity and started to at least become more conscious of the food I was putting into my body.  I really think this whole process is more so about becoming "conscious" but thats a whole other blog topic and journey that I'm trying to find the right path to take.  

This past semester I took a body conditioning class twice a week as well as a swimming class once a week.  Unfortunately, since the pool was outside and the weather was getting cold I just couldn't hang with that but I at least appreciate that my mind is in a place that recognizes the importance of being active. No diets.. for me..  it will have to be lifestyle changes that I make..  decisions like.. No sweetened drinks when I go out to eat.. or eating only half of the meal of a restaurant. Maybe when I'm ready to kick it up a notch I will make more of an effort to have my way of eating support a healthy lifestyle.  That's really what I want.. to take care of my health and I honestly feel that me loosing weight will come.  Not aggressively... but if I'm active, eating better and just caring about my health that has to be better than not doing a damn thing.

So.. more about the title of this blog. . . .  I had a paps-mere ya know.. that yearly girly appointment that guys don't talk about and women might dread having to go through.  Well, I went ahead with that, along with a full panel std screening.. damn that shit is scary.  Even though I'd like to think I've been careful.. ya never really know.  So yeah.. I had mentioned to the OBGYN that I had some concerns about maybe having something like Fibroids. Who really knows.. I honestly don't know too much about them and had only done some minimal research when it comes to them but for certain reasons I thought it may be a possibility.  Well.. the Dr decided to acknowledge my concern and ordered a CT scan on my mid-section. I had never had such a procedure and wasn't too sure what to expect.  I had to drink this (Banana smoothie flavored) drink before hand and it really tasted like watered down milk infused with melted plastic yuck!, 1/2 of it 2 hours before the procedure and then the rest 1 hour before.  When I got there I had to strip down to my underwear and could leave my shoes and socks on.  Then I had to drink 1/2 cup of water and then get a die injected into my blood stream.  Seems like a lot to go through for a What if? but as much as I'm afraid to hear bad news part of me wants to know that I'm good to go!

Battle scars from CT blood IV attempt, 5 total  (5th is on my hand)
So.. being diabetic and having PCOS, over the years I've had to have many blood tests and that means many blood draws.  Sometimes if I'm lucky I get a good phlebotomists then they get me in just one stick but oh so many times.. I've been poked and poked and have to leave with something that resembles track marks.  What I've been told is that my veins are small, delicate and deep.  Many times folks have resorted to drawing blood from the top of my hand or the side of my writs. Well this time the nice Asian man who was administering my CT scan went to start the IV to inject the die into my blood stream and pretty much missed 3 different times.  Each time doing the infamous "Dig" ya know.. where they reposition the needle in your arm trying to hit a vein. Sometimes I'll let folks know that I'm a hard draw but I've also found that sometimes its better if I don't say anything as it might put a little pressure on folks.  It also doesn't help that I like to watch intently as they are drawing my blood :) I guess needles don't freak me out.  So, he did call in another lady to help and she missed on her first try and got it on the second one.  Needless to say I left there with 5 different pokes and pieces of gauze and tape. I will give it to the Asian guy though when it comes to bed side manner.  Even though he stuck me hella times.. and had left me with some pretty ugly bruises he was nice and very apologetic.

Bruise from IV attempt
The process of the actual scanning wasn't too bad.  As he was administering the die into my blood stream he told me that I'd have a sensation that had been described by many as a sensation of having to pee. It was odd, maybe 5-10 seconds after the die entered my system everything "down below" :) felt warm almost hot.  The sensation didn't last long.  Luckily I didn't have any of the possible symptoms of nausea or anything else that can happen after injecting the die.  When I would actually go into the machine/unit I would have to hold a big breath while it scanned me.  The actual scanning lasted maybe 10 minutes or so, the long part was the many failed IV attempts.

So at this point I'm just waiting for the results, hopefully I'm don't have anything crazy going on and if I do.. well hopefully its nothing scary.  So yeah.. till next time..



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