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Asking your elder mother or grandmother figure for relationship advice, should you really?

  "The black family has not been complete since the onset of slavery" TanyaTKO

So.. I was browsing some of my Youtube subscriptions and came across an interesting posting by a lady by the name of TanyaTKO. I initially decided to subscribe to her channel because of the open and honest approach she takes when talking about life and life’s challenges.  Last time I checked she is a single black woman, who loves to travel and was working on weight loss, her own Shea butter skin creams and just had a lot to say about life and just general advice and perspectives on everyday things.  Like most of my subscriptions I check them from time to time and I’m sure miss out on some awesome posts but with Youtube its what you make it.

Well today Tanya was responding to someone.. not quite sure who but some guy who had recommended that women should quit talking relationships etc and consult their mothers and grandmothers for advice on who to make relationships work and be successful.  At first that may sound like an excellent and logical thing to do considering the ever so prevalent short and unstable relationships that many black men and women involve themselves in.   Well.. Tanya started to break it down…. Point out the many reasons why consulting our elders who learned from their elders and the elders before them of how to survive relationship woes may not actually be the best thing to do.

Some points brought up talk about how our grand mothers and great grand mothers were only a couple of generations out of slavery.  Once you think about the whole idea of slavery, the social break down of the black man, woman and family and who our people had to cope with that, is the advise from our grandmothers and great grand mothers really and truly applicable to what we have going on right here and today?

I think it’s an interesting post to watch and could stimulate an interesting discussion amongst folks.  Who’s to say who’s right or wrong? Just something to think about. ….

Check it out.. and let me know what you think…


Richard Coleman said...

I would have liked to listened to what she had to say but the expression on her face is already saying "Angry black woman about to preach" =D


Msmixedcutie said...

You should have listened.. it actually was interesting..


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