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Watch the Walking Dead AMC series Online for free . . . .

So... Oct 31st has came and gone and so has the fist episode of the new series on AMC called The Walking Dead.  You can watch the walking dead every Sunday at 10/9c on AMC or if you want to watch it online for free check out:





 This first episode was really good, it had the feel of a movie and followed through with the gore you might expect from a good Zombie film.  It really has me hooked and I couldn't wait till the next episode.  I recognized the zombie mom as Tara's mom from the HBO show True Blood.  The show starts out setting up some important character relationships.  One of the main characters Andrew Lincoln who plays "Rick Grimes" a cop is shot in a shoot out with some criminals they just stopped in a high speed chase.  He lands himself in the hospital in a coma and wakes up to disaster and devastation.


For a really cool podcast on the Walking dead check out: http://www.hhwlod.com  you can also find their free podcast on iTunes.  They have great history, point of view, recaps and commentary.
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My mouth was ripped off.. but I still went to the movies :)

Makeup Un Retouched, Only Contacts added with PS CS4

 Halloween and Special Effects makeup....

Ripped face look, makeup done by me
So.. Halloween has come and past.. and even though I didn't spend Sunday night partying with a drink in my had I had a pretty good time.  It was the last day of the Haunted House Fear Overload that I was doing special effects makeup for that was being ran out of the BayFair mall in San Leandro, CA. 

When I decided to render my makeup services in hopes of learning some new tricks and tips I didn't plan on being an actor too, but there was something about Halloween night and the success of the last ripped face creation that motivated me to try to pull off another look that was equally gory and gruesome.

So what did I come up with.... a ripped off mouth.. OUCH !!!! So after I did some makeup for a couple of the actors I went to work on myself creating the look in about 45 minutes or less from start to finish.  The look was created using toilet paper, paper towels, liquid latex, make up and various forms of fake blood. 

When I walked out from the makeup room and just so happened to run into a small group of folks going through the haunted house and they screamed I knew that I created my vision.  So I stuck around for a bit, scaring folks, creeping up behind them, delighting in their reactions.  I ended up going to see the movie Saw 3D The final chapter.. which if is true I'm completely fine with.

To the Movies.. Saw 3D

 The movie itself is full of bad acting but like with the previous 5+ versions of Saw the movie is pretty much focused on the gore factor which seemed to work pretty well on folks.  The person I went with squirmed and clenched their fist quite a bit and the parts when blood or body parts came flying at ya with the 3D effects wasn't too bad but definitely not a movie I'd recommend folks go run out and see.  

Me at the theater waiting for Saw 3D to start

But for me.. I got to wear my face out and about and creep folks out who where going to see a scary flick so that worked out for me.

Sitting down in the theater

After the movie I ended up back at the Haunted House and decided to help out inside and get some scares in.  It was fun, had one guy who almost punched me in the Face though I got him so good. Also, had a girl just fall in front of me and cover her face.  For the past month I've been listening to screams.. followed by folks fanning themselves and damn near hyperventilating to a whole bunch of laughter once folks have made it through the two haunts. 

I did go to two parties this year, the 1st FFE's Hella Early Halloween bash where I was the brushed Heavy Weight Champion and costume contest winner and also another Halloween party where my gruesome makeup was a success.

Me and fellow Special effects Makeup Artist Antonio, he's Awesome

Overall, all drama aside because there definitely had been some considering all the teen actors and their antics it seemed to turn out pretty well and I had fun doing it and learned some tips and tricks like I wanted. Maybe in the future I'll do a tutorial on the ripped mouth look..

Happy Halloween and till next year..

Actor in the middle of makeup application

Antonio and I in front of Fear Overload Haunted House Oct 31st, 2010


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