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Awesome Do it yourself halloween makeup tutorials...

As we are getting closer to Halloween I will be spending much more of my time creating gory looks at the Haunted house that I'm working.  Since I have Halloween and makeup on the brain I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite looks that you can do yourself at home.

So lets get started.. we have Petrilude which you can find on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/petrilude

I love him for his beauty makeup tutorials and his Halloween looks always seem to amaze folks. I posted a video of his last year and this year I thought I'd tip you guys to some more cool looks.

1st Reptilizard -a really cool look created with makeup and liquid latex pieces.  

2nd Skull Mask Makeup Tutorial -a really cool scull look created with makeup only.

3rd Unzipped Makeup Tutorial -Awesome look created with makeup and zippers.

More Halloween looks to come.. stay tuned..
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Zombies, a Haunted House and Special Effects makeup !!!

So.. these past few months I decided to give myself a full plate and ensure that I'm busy.  I've managed to be successfully with 6 of my 7 days a week booked with something or multiple things to do.  A couple months ago I saw a posting on Craigslist looking for makeup artist who were interested in doing special effects makeup for a Haunted House that was going to be held out of a local mall.  Not knowing if I'd have time or not I decided to inquire and see if I could offer my services and in the mean time meet some cool people and have some fun.

Here it is the month of October and the Haunted House is in full effect and I'm one of the special effects make up artist.  I can't say that I have ton's of experience in this arena because I don't, but I've always loved makeup and as a kid use to love Halloween.  Horror movies have always been my favorite movie genre and Halloween one of my favorite holidays.  So... having the chance to do gory, gruesome, scary makeup on multiple people for weeks at a time is going to be one of the highlights of my October 2010 and my Halloween.

This particular Haunted house is themed with a fun house on one side, think "Scary Clowns" for the most part and a chemical spill, think "Zombies" on the other side.  So depending on who I'm working on I have  some different looks to work on creating.  Yesterday, I got the privilege of getting some one on one instruction from the head makeup artist / scene directors.  It's so interesting when you meet someone who does something as cool as this for a living.  It sure seems to beat sitting at a computer all day answering tech support calls.

So yesterday I spent my time practicing bruising makeup, burn simulation makeup using gelatin and latex prosthesis.  It really allows your creative juices to start flowing once you realize what type of effects and looks you can create with some pretty basic everyday products.  I've practiced simulating scraps and scars its only beginning. 

Recently, I've been researching zombies. The makeup artist totally knows his stuff and told me to first think of what stage the Zombie is in.  So here are some basic things to think about before creating  your zombie look:

  1. How old is your Zombie "What stage is it in" and how was it killed?  
  • Stage 1
    • Is the zombie fresh, newly dead, recently killed.  If so you want to ensure you still keep some flesh tones in the makeup while starting to show signs of being dead. Lots of blood and gashes are fine.  Think about how your zombie was killed.  Was yous zombie attacked by another zombie, should their be flesh ripped away, teeth gash marks.  Was there a terrible accident.  Think blood, guts and gore but still freshly dead! 

  • Stage 2

    • Your zombie has been dead for a while.  There will be more signs of decay, pieces of flesh decomposing and flaking off.  More veins showing, skin color more dead looking, little to no flesh tones in complexion. More shadows creating more of a sunken in appearance. Teeth begin to look rotten. You still want blood and begin to show flesh through rotting skin.

  • Stage 3

    • Your zombie has been dead for longer time.  Larger chunks of flesh are gone, there should be no flesh tones in the skin. Your zombie begins to loose facial features such as tissue around eye sockets, lips, nose, maybe chucks of the cheeks are gone, bones begin to exposed, hands look rotten severely decayed. 

  • Stage 4

    • Your zombie has been dead for a long time.  Most of their facial tissue features have began to rot away.  Many pieces have fallen off, many bones are exposed.  Skin will be greyed, dirty, and rotten looking, zombie may appear more greenish. Teeth will be severely decayed. 
    • Concept sketches by John Wheaton, a KNB Designer for AMC's upcoming original series.
      I'm ready to take a look at this new mini series that will be playing on AMC.   
The Walking Dead series premiere on Halloween, Sun., Oct. 31 at 10/9c. http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/  So, stay tuned for more tips and tricks of creating your own Halloween zombie look.  I will hopefully be posting photos of the looks I create on location at the Haunted House I'm working at.



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