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Drive by at the Taco Truck.. damn Oakland..

Now its after 2am on a Friday night.. where do folks flock to.  Well in Oakland its your local taco truck.  Taco trucks are just part of the scenery out here and for the people who live in the East bay who indulge in yummy tacos and burritos rinsed down by a Jarritos drink.  We soon latch on to a few trucks and claim they are the best in the West.  So a week or so ago, I call myself making a late night stop at my local taco truck.  The line was long but hell I didn't care.  And when I say long.. I mean like 25-30 minute wait just to order.  The things, drunk folks will do for food after there night of entertainment.  So.. I'm alone in the crowd, patiently waiting for the line to dwindle down till it was my turn to put in my order.  For the most part I just ear hustle.  Listen to other folks conversations...  The black guy in front of me in some gap looking jeans and a white blazer was talking of how he lived in LA once for almost 2 years pursuing an acting career.  He talked about how he would go for casting calls or auditions and there would be a room full of dudes who looked just enough like him that they could be his cousin.  He then continued on to talk about how he was recently divorced.  He started to go into detail about how he liked being married but his wife was "cock blockin" It wasn't till I kept listening to his convo that I realized this guy was probably in his late 30's or early 40's since he has a kid in college.  He talked about how he would lie to his wife that he was going on a business trip and would take trips to mexico with his mistresses. I guess.. I mean who wants to be starting over at 40.. but yeah so he went on and on.. and finally asked me what I was ordering to strike up a convo.  Then he wanted to know where I was coming from that night.  I told him a party for plus size women and their fans... both men seemed intrigued. lol Saying they didn't realize there was anything like that out in Oakland.  Seems that most folks seem to not know about this party.  Come to find out they had came from some white party they said that they had a good time at.  So by this time.. nearly 30 minutes had gone by and I hadn't even ordered yet.  All of a sudden this car comes around the corner and for whatever reason it sounded like 6 gunshots right in a row.  What kills me is that this part of Oakland isn't really HOOD like.  I mean really, gun shots at the Lake Merritt taco truck!  The crazy thing is everyone started to scramble ducking down low, running for cover, hiding behind cars and the Taco truck. I followed suit! Shiiiit I'm not getting shot up over a taco dammit.  Well after the vehicle passed the consensus was that that car must have been dragging something loud or backfiring or something.  Everyone appeared to be safe and resumed to the chitter chatter of a hungry drunkin crowd.  It was funny though.. Drive by at the taco truck.  What a girl won't do for a taco in Oakland.


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