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How important is my health.. ? Its no joke..

So as I've been complaining about on my twitter and facebook accounts I have so much to do and just haven't had the energy or time to do it.  I'm suppose to be moving at the end of this month, literally when I get back from Vegas, but my home is not packed.  I've been working everyday and dealing with my extra guess, my stuff and the prospect of organizing everything so that I can move seamlessly just has been overwhelming.  Also, a major issue is my health.... some of you may already know that I'm a diabetic.  I have type 2 diabetes and it has been out of control for way too long. I recently got hooked back up with a Dr. and got another glucometer to test my blood sugar along with a prescription for some meds.  It was crazy, yesterday I tested my sugar level after eating a pizza from trader joes and my level was 481.  I've been denial for so damn long.  If I would have went to a hospital they would have admitted me.  Instead I drank water, felt extremely sleepy and just counted the minutes until I could leave work and start my hour long journey home.

The meds they game me really mess me up... they've prescribed Metformin.  Many know about this drug as its prescribed for other things aside from insulin resistance.  It's also used to help treat PCOS.. but I just can't stomach it.  So, I may just try to fight through the sickness to give it another fair shot or just say hey! ya'll need to hook me up with something else.  What will be important in all of this is my effort and follow through.  Since I started testing my sugar its a bit depressing I will admit.  I literally felt like yesterday I was sitting at my desk dying and no one knew or really was concerned. But guess what!  I've been living like this for every day for who knows how long now..  I'm just actually getting to see it with this meter.

So.. even though I'm not happy about not being ready to move while working full time and doing everything else.  I understand.. hell I've been sick.. my energy level has been low.. and hey I'm glad I've done what I've gotten done.  I'm not giving up..  My plan for today is to go pick up my keys to  my new place, though I can't move in till the 30th I believe.  Then I'll need to pick up a couple of things for the trip and off to go home.. where I will pack probably with the speed of a turtle but maybe I can get in a zone.  Its been said that my company will be helping me and I really do hope that they will but I'm sure its going to cost me.  Which is a bit upsetting but if this means I'll be moving by myself.. they maybe its just what I need to do.  So, yeah.  I've been asked by my landlord to stay.  This was really last minute.. I think starting over the weekend even though he knew I was going to be moving for almost a month.  He's offered to lower my rent a bit.. I really love my little place.. its really cute and as much as I hate apartment buildings I'm just not sure.

Even though I may have been a casualty of random criminal acts... I just don't know if I want to stick around.  Well.. if I decide to sign the lease today, even with my items not all the way packed.. that will solidify my decision to move.

I'm hoping to improve things.. living circumstances and health but it will require sacrifice and hard work by me.  Lets see what I come up with..


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Love the layout......take care of ya self. Im more worried then usual.


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