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For the most part I don't really care too much.. Facebook smh!

Its been interesting these past couple of months on Facebook.  Recently started getting reconnected with old highschool folks.  Can't even say friends.. like a friend of mine mentioned.. Do you remember the friend-emy.. yeah I know.. but honestly there was only a few folks I really connected with back in the day and the rest.. well they went to the same school.  We had the same classes and knew the same folks. Its never been a big deal to me to keep in contact with many of these folks.. but its been interesting to see where these people are now and what they are up to.  I'm pretty sure we didn't have a high school reunion so this is the closest that we can get.  Aside from that.. a pretty cool friend from back in the day was chatting with me.. and says something like, I don't want to bring up bad memories.. but have you heard from so and so?

Making my "are you serious look" ummm.. I had to ask.. why did you say "bring up bad memories".  They proceeded to say.. that this person happened to talking about a "body part" yep thats what they said.. a body part of mines.. and we got into it and that this guy was always an ass to me.  Ummm.. guess what.. I truly for the life of me don't recall this body part incident.. but my friend then says something like time heals all.. lol really ? Its funny how things affect people.. I guess my high school experience wasn't all that affected by the folks.. who really wasn't in my circle.  But I found it to be humorous.. that someone would remember something so vividly and really thought a comment/ argument or whatever it was from way back in the day.. like 12+ years ago affected me so much that I'd still be harboring it against a guy who I never really was friends with in the first place.

Anywho.. the rumor has it is that this guy died a while back.. but like rumors go who knows if it was really true.  He turned up maybe a month ago on Facebook and was recommended as a friend by another old time high school acquaintance. He has no picture posted but hey.. let bygones be bygones.. :)


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