4:51 PM

How Msmixedcutie has spent her Christmas!

So.. luckily I haven't spent the day crying but I've been doing something much more productive with my time.  And that is baking.. and wrapping gifts.  Today started out with a phone call from someone who is very dear to my heart.. this wasn't a family member. But it did lift my spirits to hear from them and it reminds me that sometimes it doesn't matter what folks think, love is love.   I actually haven't heard from Nan-1 family member.  Damn I don't even think my sis sent me a text... yep just checked No text from the sis.  Its aiight.. I'm gonna hit her up sometime today.   I got some other random generic texts from some folks, got included on the old mailing list of sorts.   So hey.. that lets me know where I stand in most peoples books..  but none the less I'm not bad today.. The baking has been keeping me busy and I have been listening to my Neo-soul night time play list on full blast all day.  Finally thought I'd play some Christmas songs to go with the day, only ones I had in my itunes was Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas and Anthony Hamilton, Silent night.  Thats enough, I just realized I haven't even plugged in my X-mas tree all week.  I might need to do that.  So I might still attempt the drive to my moms which is about 100 miles one way, even though my car is acting up.  Hopefully I don't end up stranded... wish me luck yall.. hopefully its meant to be.

I've put together a short video on whats been keeping me busy.. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays.. and thanks for keeping up with me.. its greatly appreciated!  xoxo's 



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