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Still looking for a new Gig.... interviewed today

So.. I had another job interview today.  It has been a while since the last one which seemed to go well but seemed to be sabotaged by my ex employer.  Thats a long story.. so much for laying someone off due to "Budget reasons".  Anyways.. I went with the Black suit, hair pulled back in a bun and simple makeup.  The interview seemed to go pretty well.  I had went through 2 phone screens first while I was in Vegas.. and the interview itself lasted for about 2 hours today.  I'd be working with all men which is nothing new.  There is something about this whole field of technology that seems to keep the women away.

This gig.. doesn't seem too overly technical to me, honestly I feel a bit over qualified but I can't say too much considering the interviews that I've been on that I thought would have landed me a job.  I mean I am still on an extended vacation.  One perk considering the nature of the gig itself would be the ability to take under graduate classes for free.  Since I would be working at the Academy of Art.  This has been the longest stretch of unemployment since I started my working career more than 10 years ago.  The first few months.. were ya know.. a bit of a vacation!  I mean once you start working its hard to get time off in chunks.. but after 4 months.. and you live alone things start to get a little uneasy to say the least.

So.. I should hear something in about a week or two.. hopefully its good news.. and if not I'll keep on keeping on.. as I have been doing.  Oh.. I did get a damn parking ticket today.. was about 10 minutes late.. thats my luck!  Damn $55 ticket..   Hey I'm taking donations.. because lord knows I need them..

I have pics and video from Vegas.. hopefully I'll get it up soon..

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