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She said, "Take it from a 6ft foot tall, 40 year old White woman"

Don't ever settle!

Now the woman was clearly drunk! I wondered how the hell she had got to the bar.. but I was later informed that she had a driver.. Thank goodness! But she told me that I was one the prettiest women that she'd seen in a long time. Now.. this is quite possibly the result of excess alcohol.. She started the comment off by saying that she wasn't a lesbian and them proceeded to tell me.. maybe 3 or 4 times.

You know, compliments from drunk folks are always questionable.. but hey I'll take this one. But there was just some truth in her eyes when it came down to her telling me to Never settle! It was like.. she was saying.. Don't be a 40 something year old woman, who is 6ft tall and 6'3" with heals.. (that couldn't happen.. hey I'm only 5'3" lol) drunk off your ass in a dive bar, attempting to sing "Fever" and this was all somehow the result of settling.

Now, I'm sure I made my own story.. but I need to actually heed some advice dammit!.. I know I've used that line.. "I don't want to settle" but its apparent that I have.. whether its been relationships, dating, jobs and the list can go on.. My tolerance is pretty low for certain things as I accumulate the years... but! I've noticed that an old school trait that I've always tended to fall back on.. is creeping up again. If I like him.. I give him a pass every now and again.. Now! I think this is okay once you have established some basic guidelines.. but if I'm not feeling the the casual then.. I need to stick to my guns.. and NOT settle for bull shit! lol

Anyways.. for whatever reason.. that woman made an impression.. now lets see how long it lasts..


NightFall914 said...

Yes woman.No settling.


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