10:12 PM

New Dress! Road Trip.. Las Vegas.. Hey.. what can I say?

So.. I'm feeling a bit tired.. and not really super hyped up as I probably should be but!  Here I am embracing my spontaneous side....  Decided a few hours ago.. to do a road trip to Vegas.. found a good deal on a 4 star hotel.. got me a little new dress last minute.. I mean the store was turning the lights out on me.. and I'm baking some chicken with veggies & rice to take on the road lol.. Hey it was going to go bad if I left it here. 

I will say.. that considering my financial situation..  I don't like to travel damn near close to broke! But there is something about my desire for excitement and wanting to create lifetime memories that is driving my ass to take this random trip out there.  I'm thinking that as long as I have enough money to get my ass home if the folks on the road trip start acting up.. I'll be good!  Just someone.. if ya know me please hit me up and remind me to walk away from the black jack tables at some point.   I've been gambling since I was in high school.. playing poker with the grown folks winning all their money. So.. I might just need a friendly reminder lol

I plan on eating at that one buffet.. Yall know the one.. playing some Black jack.. cause that is my GAME!  and drinking some drinks while playing some nickle slots which I dont even like to play....  so we won't be high rolling.. but hopefully having a good ol time.. hopefully I'll get to get my party on a little bit cause I do love to dance.. and if I can even find some hook up prices for a basic little Vegas show.. I'll be doing alright.   Hmmm.. so I should be packing right now.. need to charge up the iPod and digital camera and get ready to hit the road! 

Wish me luck yall!


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