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It will BLOW your mind....it just tastes better.. Really!

 So.. I was my car and had picked up some Fast food.. knowing damn well I didn't need it.  So I'm riding home tryna taste them freshly made frys all the while practically burning my fingers.  Then I thought to myself... hmmm.. You know something that I think really is telling of the level of affection towards someone.  Its when you feed them in the car.  Even though the first person I remember doing this wasn't a a boyfriend or prospect but my little sister.  I remember when she would get the burger out and everything for me to taste while driving.

Then I got to thinking.. you don't just do that for anybody.  I only have fed folks I've tended to care about.. now I'm sure this can carry over to other locations like the house or even when you are out and about.. but I'm specifically talking about the car.  Its sweet! lol.. I mean.. its damn near torture to smell freshly cooked frys and to be driving while someone else is getting their grub on. Now.. its one thing for a women to feed a guy in that manner.. but for a guy to actually give up a bite of burger or frys while your driving for a female.  Thats getting serious lol..  Now those are some of the good memories I have..awww.. being fed food in the car..  Now.. I'll save the blog about the last bite! Thats almost like next level.. :)



NightFall914 said...

I sooooooo thought this blog was gonna be about something else.

Msmixedcutie said...

LOL.. maybe next time.. :)

NightFall914 said...

That would be interesting.

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