5:25 PM

Road Trip, Big girls and Halloween costumes.. It will be cute..Really!

7:19 AM

Did I really just spend over 3 hours watching random YouTube videos?

Yes.. yes I did. Let me try to run you through my little YouTube journey tonight. Started with a link I got sent to me..

Don't Be A Bimbo!

This was obviously a rant from an individual who is quite flamboyant and opinionated. The person who sent me this link made a comment that he gets paid to rant. My first reaction was who pays! But 3 videos and over 45 minutes of my life I spent tonight watching his YouTube rants.. I'm thinking maybe he's on to something! Quite interesting things he had to say, even some practical advice and positive advice.

Dondria Duets Mixtape Preview

Next I ended up watching Dondria aka know as phatfffat... Now I found her a few months ago on a sleep deprived voyage on YouTube and this girl I think can Sang! So.. since I've checked her out it looks like Jermaine Dupri was turned on to her and has picked her up to do a single and a mix tape. Go on girl! So, shes been in the studio working on her little project and having some fun! I'm interested in to see what happens

Diva (Secret Trois Style!!)

After that I ended up finding these three plus sized women doing choreographed dances in what appears to be someones living room / dinning room void of furniture. Now, what captivated me was, 1st their size, 2nd their shapes 3rd the staggering amount of views.

Exposed Teeth Makeup Tutorial

This guy is really talented when it comes to makeup. I first started watching him for his drag queen makeup transformations and beautiful eyeshadow tutorials.... but since Halloween has come around he is really tearing it up with his home grown Halloween looks. This look was made with regular makeup, fake skin, spirit gum, fake fingernails reshaped as teeth, petroleum jelly mixed with makeup as blood, crafting puff paint as exposed muscles.. and it looks pretty damn good in the end!

It's now light outside.. I need to take it the the bed..
till next time..
5:12 AM

400 miles away, you can't be serious!

The question was somewhat like: I know this may seem weird.. but have you ever ran into someone who you had a major crush on in high school or grade school and experienced those feelings all over again?

I took a second and thought about it.. and I'm pretty sure the answer is no. I'd never ran into one of my secret crushes from back in the day to only have all of those feelings come rushing back just like it was yesterday and I was no longer this grown ass woman. But.. I can easily imagine how that would feel like... I mean I know how it feels when you really want to know that someone misses you as you miss them, or that they want to see you as much as you want to see them. But the thing about having a crush, you don't really know if the other person knows about how you feel.. and if they would feel the same.

Well.. then they said: That's what it felt like when I ran into you... Realy! I mean.. me. Lil ol' 5'3", curly headed P.. Now that was a few years ago when they ran into me...we worked at the same place. I always thought he was a cool ass dude, I mean.. he even had his girls picture at his desk. Ain't that just sweet! I'm pretty certain no dude I've ever dated had a pic of me at his JOB lol. I never really knew he felt like that. Pretty interesting to hear from someone who moved 400 miles away. The crazy thing is for the longest time we could not figure out where we knew each other from. I just knew he was cute, really nice and looked familiar and always had something positive to say to me.

This is definitely one of those things that make ya go hmm...
12:53 AM

It's just not like it use to be...

I can't tell you what happened to my motivation to write. It use to be so easy to just say what was going on in my head. Now I'm thinking about it.. and filtering it and its just not the same. At least not today! Today, was pretty simple. I woke up ridiculously late as usual and tried to fill my day with random in house activities as the hours past by. I actually cooked myself something to eat, manged to eat too much ice cream and watched some football. My new found fascination! Though, I will admit its not quite as fun when I don't have someone who knows all whats going on so that I can ask questions.

So, today I decided to do some cleaning. I swept and mopped about 75% of my house. My bedroom was omitted but at least I got something done today. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff and just am not sure what to make of it all. I guess I'll start to talk through some of those things.. in the coming days..


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